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All Inclusive Mental Health is a private counseling practice based in Sharon Massachusetts founded and owned by Dr. Karen Ruskin, a nationally known leader in the industry of mental and relational health. Here at All Inclusive Mental Health (AIMH) our counseling professionals are each fully licensed independent contractors serving the clientele of AIMH. Our Psychologists and Psychotherapists provide an individualized counseling treatment plan designed for each client in mind to best match the client’s clinical needs. We are excited and proud to announce our new name: All Inclusive Mental Health, formerly known as Dr. Karen Ruskin & Associates. New branding as we wish to reflect the full entity of the practice whole in our expansion, highlighting and spotlighting all of our mental health counseling professionals’ skills. Our All Inclusive name is to inform clientele that we provide mental health counseling services addressing a vast and wide range of mental health problems experienced by each and all clientele make-up ranging from individuals (children of all ages, adults, elderly), couples, and families. Additionally, our All Inclusive name is demonstrated in that we provide our clientele with the various styles of counseling that is reported to help people to heal, grow, achieve their therapeutic goals, manage their mental/emotional/behavioral health challenges and make healthy here and now and life-long shifts. Also, we are All Inclusive in that we collaborate clinical care with outside agencies when appropriate. All Inclusive Mental Health’s goal is to help you to achieve your therapeutic goals providing you with a smooth, professional, and caring therapeutic experience from start to finish.