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We are a private mental health counseling practice based in Sharon, MA comprised of fully independently licensed professionals providing counseling serving the clientele of All Inclusive Mental Health.

All Inclusive Mental Health desires our clientele to receive services promptly while being matched up with the therapist on our clinical team that best matches the client’s clinical needs, while being mindful of scheduling requests. Additionally, we accept many of the major insurances, as well as affordable private pay options.

All Inclusive Mental Health offers clients the benefits of a private practice. Specifically, clients receive attention and care. Clients are not just a number.

Our therapist’s collaborate, coordinate and communicate with outside agencies.

Each fully licensed professional has their own style, therapeutic counseling approach, and area of expertise. Our practice provides counseling for: couples, the family, and/or individual counseling for adults and the youth population including children of all ages.

You, as the client, have the benefit of utilizing one caring professional as your therapist to help you with your individual needs and/or the needs of each member of your family. Alternatively, some clients benefit from the services offered by more than one of our professionals. When these situations arise, our therapists know how to work with one another to assure that all of the needs of respective clients are being met. For an example, clients have the opportunity to have one counselor that provides help for your couple’s needs, a separate counselor providing services for your children’s needs, and another member of our team providing you help with your individual needs, and/or any combination thereof.

Whether you receive the benefit of the team approach between practitioners that our team offers, or if you are working with one practitioner independent and separate from the other therapists, you can be rest assured that it is our goal to provide you with quality care.

*As of February 1, 2019 All Inclusive Mental Health will be affiliated with Child and Family Psychological Services, PLLC.