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Each fully licensed mental health provider listed here serves the clientele of All Inclusive Mental Health. In addition to attending seminars throughout the calendar year to learn the most up to date therapeutic modalities, our therapists also provide in house training and consultation to continue to grow in our field and keep ourselves up to date within our chosen industry. In your review of the bios of each therapist, we hope you find it helpful as you get to know more about our team. We welcome the opportunity for you to read the bios of each of our Psychologists and Psychotherapists to determine which therapist you would like to request being matched up with. Or, we are happy to have our Therapy Coordinator suggest to you which therapist is your best match based on your particular clinical and scheduling needs.

Please go to our contact page to contact our Therapy Coordinator so you can be matched up promptly with one of our mental health counseling professionals.

Ruth Greenfield
Ruth GreenfieldMASc, LMFT, FAPA
Marci Langevin-Gaudette
Marci Langevin-GaudetteMSW, LICSW
Kirti Agarwal
Kirti AgarwalMS, LMHC
Larry Flynn
Larry FlynnMSW, LICSW
Monica Alley
Monica AlleyMSW, LICSW
Maryanne Colleran Bowe
Maryanne Colleran BoweMSW, LICSW
Elysha Greenberg
Elysha GreenbergPsyD, Licensed Clinical Psychologist